At Anchor Academy, we are honored to offer theatre as part of our curriculum. Time and time again, Theatre has proven to be a great way to not only showcase talent, but to practice/learn communicative skills, empathy, and glorify God through storytelling.
May 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2022
Join us for our Saturday theatre workshops all summer long!
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Kindergarten - HS Senior

Musical Theatre Workshop: June 19th from 9a-12p

We will be exploring songs, dances, and scenes from popular Broadway musicals such as Hairspray, Lion King, and more! This workshop will provide students a chance to practice their skills, get feedback, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 


School House Rock Workshop: July 17th  from 9a-12p

Hop into the television set with us as we explore the iconic songs of School House Rock. We’ll be unpacking our adjectives, flying with interplant Janet, and of course traveling on the conjunction junction. Because three is a magic number, join us for only $30. INTERJECTIONS! 


Bring Your Parent To Work...Shop: August 7th  from 9a-12p

Ever wanted to join your kids up on stage? Ever wondered what it was like to be in an Anchor production? Well, here’s your chance. In this workshop, we’ll be exploring songs from the ’80s and the present as generations collide to dance, sing, and act with each other. This is a perfect opportunity to have families come or any adults interested in theatre. 

**all productions are licensed through musical theatre international (