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Several activities will be all together (depending on grades) including Bible, Morning time and extracurricular activities. We have our “sofa subjects” (Bible, Science, History, Literature, etc.) that we usually complete in a relaxed atmosphere. Our “table topics” (IEW, Grammar, Spelling, Phonics, etc) are usually completed in the classroom.


Curriculum is a mixture of classical and traditional approaches. 

We cover all humanities including Bible, Science, History, Art and Music.  You will choose your own Math curriculum that will be completed at home.  We have found that people are very passionate about which Math curriculum they use for their child(ren).


Weekly assignments will be emailed to you each week.

Graded papers will be returned to you each week.

Grade reporting is the responsibility of the student's parent or guardian.

Anchor Academy is not an umbrella school and recommends the students be registered with a home education umbrella school. Some of the most popular umbrella schools are: Homelife Academy, Faith Heritage, and Gateway


Spanish is included in our weekly classes!


Each Thursday we begin the day working on our assignments for the week. The rest of the time is spent in STEM, Art, Games, Theatre/Speech, and Cooking. 


Every student participates in a yearly musical production with a combination of dance, music, and acting. Theatre enhances speech and leadership skills and develops a deeper capacity for empathy. 

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