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parent handbook

1.1 General Policies and Best Practices


Sick Policy:  If your child is not feeling well, KEEP THEM HOME. Fever free, no GI issues for 24 hours or more. PLEASE use common sense. We want to stay as healthy as possible.


Tuition will be due the 15th if you are paying monthly. A late fee will be added if you are more than 5 days late.


Electronics: NO electronics allowed at school including smart watches, phones, gaming systems, etc.


Carpool:  This is a change for this year. We are trying to minimize the traffic on the street as much as possible. When you arrive at school, you will enter the 1st entrance off of Humphrey (closest to Houston Levee), follow the route for dropping your kids off. You will exit RIGHT at the 2nd entrance. For afternoon carpool, you will pull in the first entrance as far as possible. If you arrive and the line is past the designated point, you will line up in the circle drive across the street and enter the entrance as traffic allows. There should be NO traffic lined up on Humphrey. When picking your child(ren) up, please do NOT get out of your car or have a conversation with your teacher. Please park toward Judy’s house, if you need to get out. We want carpool to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. If someone, other than yourself, is picking up, please let them know the routine.


Drop off is 8:55-9:05. Please NO earlier and NO later. 

Pick-up is 2:25-2:35. Please try to be on time.  If you find that you will be late, please text Mikki to let her know. If this is a regular occurrence, a late pick up fee will be applied.


Bonus Thursdays registration will be monthly or by the semester. If you know you want your child(ren) to attend all Thursdays, then you may pay for the semester (see contract for prices). If you want to pay by the month, sign-ups will be the 25th of each month. This will allow us to make sure we have enough items for everyone. We will take a max of 25 kids every Thursday. It will be on a first come basis.


Copies will NOT be made at school unless you have contacted your teacher prior to class.


Books please make sure that your child(ren) has ALL of the books that they are required to have in class. Please make sure they come prepared!!!


Snacks If your child has special dietary restrictions, please make sure to send in their specific candy or snacks they are allowed to have.


Invitations for birthday parties may be passed out at school ONLY if everyone (boys/girls or both) is invited. We don’t want any hurt feelings because they were not included.


Anchor t-shirts will be worn on all field trips and on specific school days. If you are needing a shirt, please contact Kristin.


2.1 Classroom Extras


Student of the Week: Your child(ren) will have the opportunity to be the SOTW. They may bring in an “All about Me” poster and/or fill out the poster that will be sent home. They may bring a Show and Share item as well as a snack to share with their group.


Mentoring Moments:  This is one of the most special times at Anchor. The Kindergarten and 1st graders will be assigned a 5th/6th mentor that they will work with each Wednesday for about 45 minutes. This will change monthly.


Pizza Day will be the last Wednesday of each month unless noted. The cost will be $5 for two pieces of pizza, chips, dessert and water. You may send payment in whenever you want, just PLEASE make sure to send it before the day of. I don’t want to have to text parents asking if their child is eating pizza that day because I haven’t received $.


Bible:  We will continue our Bible study on the names of God. We will study 2 names a month. They will also have verses to memorize. We will study a different hymn each month, as well.

3.1 Communication


Communication:  We communicate A LOT with you. Please be mindful of checking your emails regularly, as well as Facebook posts and Remind notifications. If we need to get something out to you immediately, we will send it out via Remind, so please make sure your notification setting is on. There is absolutely NO reason for you to not know about something. I promise it has been communicated.  If you need to reach someone immediately, please text your teacher and they will get back with you as soon as they can.


Facebook:  This will be our main source of posting pictures and videos. Please make sure to join the page and check it. Other family members may be added to the group but will need to identify who they know at Anchor. This is just a safety measure. The Anchor Community page will be used by the parents to exchange different information.

Anchor 2021/22 calendar

*August 24th-Back to school party

*August 31st-School starts

*September 1st-Shrek auditions

*September 18th-Anchor Night at the Redbirds game.

Sign up by August 27th.

*October 11-15-Fall break

*November 22nd-26th-Thanksgiving break

*December 14th-January 3rd-Winter break

*Jan 4th-2nd semester starts

*March 14-18 Spring break

*May 3rd-End of the Year program and Kindergarten Graduation

*May 4th-Field Day & last day of school

*May 9-13-Shrek Camp

*May 13, 14, 15-Shrek the Musical performances

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